About Us

Animal Artistry is not a production taxidermy studio.

AA-BuildingThat is to say, we do not buy a generic form and attach a skin to it as quickly as possible. Every trophy we mount is individually designed and sculptured to reflect anatomy accuracy and genuine wildlife behavior. Each piece is an original, designed to enhance the animal’s best features and to fit into the available display. This takes an enormous amount of time and creative talent, not to mention the extra material expense of an original design. We spend at least twice as much time on each mount as the typical commercial shop.

We don’t stop there…

When actually mounting the animal, we use exact standards with emphasis on symmetry, detail and overall durability.

We use only state of the art materials including custom eyes and custom tan. The same exacting standards continue when the animal is detailed out in its natural habitat set up. The end result is that you have much more than a mount… you have an original piece of wildlife art designed especially for you and for the best features of your animal.

We look forward to working with you in creating a piece of taxidermy you will enjoy for years to come.