Trophy Cleaning Instructions

Body/Hair: For all trophies, it is best to remove dust by blowing off with an air nozzle connected to an air compressor. For short haired animals, it is best to blow in… Read More

What Happens to Your Taxidermy Deposit

In many taxidermy companies, your deposit goes into the operating account.  That means it is used to pay overhead, salaries, materials, taxes and other expenses.  If your deposit has been with the… Read More

Hunting with no end game…

Hunters love hunting – we get it! In many cases, it is an obsession – we get it! Every facet of a hunt is planned, looked forward to, and savored – we… Read More

Custom Mounts vs. Classic Mounts

Lioness Pride Pose 8

There are two types of taxidermy produced today-commercial and custom mounts. The vast majority is commercial.  That is to say the taxidermist orders a commercial mannequin from a catalog.  Some of these… Read More

The Hunter Artist

We humans were the first hunters and the first artists. Animal Artistry continues this ancient history.