90 Day Completion

The Animal Artistry 90-Day Completion

Why do taxidermists take so long?

The time delay in getting trophies back from taxidermists is often long and frustrating. To understand the problem, one must understand the origin of the taxidermy industry. The vast majority of taxidermists are small operations (1-5 people). Often, people get into the industry because they love to hunt and fish but do not have the business background or management skills necessary for an efficient operation. In order for a taxidermy studio to run smoothly, the business owner must be adept at long-term financial planning and be prepared for any number of unforeseen circumstances. With smaller studios and taxidermists with little experience, the financial requirements and unexpected circumstances often result in significant time delays for the client’s trophies.

Commonly, the process is as follows- animals come in to be skinned and when done, there is a significant time (weeks to months) of waiting until there is enough skins to be sent to the tannery. The skins can take 6 months or longer to come back from the tannery. Upon return, the skins are put on a shelf since there are other projects ahead of them. Due to limited staff and limited financial resources (needed to purchase the products for the mount-mannikins, eyes etc.) skins can sit for months, or even years, before work actually begins. Once your item is brought forth, it takes relatively little time for the taxidermist to mount, dry and finish your trophy. It’s getting to your trophy that is difficult.

What does Animal Artistry do differently?

Animal Artistry takes a much different approach. Mike Boyce entered the industry just like many others-he loved hunting and fishing and he had no business experience. He did know early on though, that in order for his vision to really come to light he would need to do things differently. Through trial and error, he was able to develop a new form of taxidermy while also building up a sustainable business model. It is through his many years of experience and our constant attention to an efficient process that we are able to produce quality mounts in 90 days…guaranteed.

At Animal Artistry, your skins do not sit. Upon receipt, skins are immediately sent to the tannery and they are returned to us within 30 days. While your skins are at the tannery, we are in contact with you regarding your deposit and your pose. We then make sure that we have all the supplies (mannikins, eyes, etc.) so that when the skins come back, they go immediately into production-no waiting. We are actually able to spend more time on your pieces since we are not behind and do not have a backlog of projects making it necessary to rush. Most importantly, each department is staffed with people carefully trained for quality and efficiency in the specific area they are working.

Our Process


Whether your skins are dropped off or shipped to us, we inspect them immediately and note any concerns and take photographs to send to you. If shipped, we make sure that the inventory that we have received matches the documentation. Once everything is recorded, the inventory notes are sent to accounting and a deposit invoice is created and sent to you.

Tanning & Supply Preparation

Skins are sent to the tannery immediately after they are received and they are returned to us within 30 days. While skins are at tanning, we are in contact with you to get pose instructions. Once we receive pose instructions we will make sure that we have all the supplies necessary (mannikins, eyes, jaw set etc.) to get started as soon as the skins return.

Skin & Mannikin Preparation

We have people who prepare the skins (sew up the holes, thin the nasal and eye membranes, put in the ear liners). Others will be sculpting the mannikin for gesture, size and correct anatomy.

Mounting & Drying

Then the prepared skin goes to a two man team that applies the skin to the mannikin-one sewing while the other adjusts the skin, tucking the mouth and eyelids etc. it is then pinned and dried.


In the finishing department we have airbrush artists trained for both quality and efficiency. The animal is airbrushed, groomed, and puttied.


Finally, life size and pedestal mounts go to the habitat department. These folks do one thing-they make trees, rocks, grass, snow etc. as the setting for the animal.

Final Invoice and Shipping

The last step is the preparation of the final invoice and shipping/pick-up arrangements. After you pay for your final invoice, you will be able to make arrangements for shipping or pick up of your animal.

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