First Buck

I remember my first deer like it was yesterday, and that was nearly 60 years ago.  It was a September evening and I was in my blind on the edge of the American River Canyon.  I had seen nothing for days when suddenly a three-point buck came out of the live oak into the opening.  All of my preparation came to bear as I put the peep sight of my .30-06 behind his shoulder.  At the shot, he bolted over the hill.

Trembling, I followed; concerned that I might have missed only to be rewarded as the sun was going down, seeing his antlers above the grass.  It was euphoria!  It is with the understanding of how important that first kill is for a young person that Animal Artistry has decided to offer a free shoulder mount for each young person’s first deer (up to age 16).  If I could have had that buck mounted back then, it would be my prized possession, representing a rite of passage.  We are in hopes that by giving these young people a shoulder mount it will encourage them to pursue a lifestyle of hunting and outdoor activity (something that is disappearing fast).

There will be certain restrictions to this offer but the principle is that we want to support young people who get off the couch, put their social media away for at least a moment and experience the great outdoors.