The Hunter Artist

The first humans were hunter-gatherers and their first expression 40,000 years ago was art.  This cave art celebrates both the animal and the hunt. Other primitive cultures expressed the same in petroglyphs and totems.  In fact, the ancient hunter so respected the beauty of the animal that he took his namesake and decorated his dwellings as well as himself with hides, feathers, and claws.  It was a sincere desire to take the beauty and strength of the animal kingdom to himself.  The art of taxidermy seeks the same, and together  we are a part of this ancient longing.

Mike Boyce has been a hunter since childhood.  Having traveled from the Arctic to Africa he has gained immeasurable stories and knowledge.  Throughout those experiences, he was captivated by the beauty of big game animals and sought a way to express what he felt.  Thirty years ago, he founded Animal Artistry, a company that is built on “the art of the animal.”  We all regard animals as so much more than trophies, they are art.

We humans were the first hunters and the first artists and at Animal Artistry we continue this ancient history.

This is but the first post of many to come for our site; Mike will use this space to speak to you personally on the topics of hunting, artistry, taxidermy, and more.  Thanks for reading, be sure to like us on Facebook!