What Happens to Your Taxidermy Deposit

In many taxidermy companies, your deposit goes into the operating account.  That means it is used to pay overhead, salaries, materials, taxes and other expenses.  If your deposit has been with the taxidermist for six months or more – it has been used and is gone.  To keep the lights on, these folks require additional clients to provide additional deposits.  If for any reason, those deposits do not come in, they have no capital to continue work.

This is one reason it takes some taxidermists so long to complete trophies that came in months before.  They simply do not have the money to pay for tanning or materials for trophies that were dropped off a year ago.  In short, it is a very unstable financial situation.  Many taxidermists don’t understand that a deposit is not an asset, it is a loan from the client to complete his work. Be aware, some taxidermy studios are using your deposit for other clients in the hopes that more money will come in down the road.  Good luck with that!

Animal Artistry uses your deposit for your mount, your tanning, your materials and the labor to produce your trophy.  It is all completed in 90 days!  You are assured that the money you deposited was used specifically for your trophies, not for someone else’s.  We are proud of the discipline we have in handling finances.  It enables us to do quality work and complete it in 90 days.  This should give you confidence that you are in good hands.