Animal Artistry is proud to offer remounting services for trophies that have never done justice to the hunt. Recently, we sent out an email highlighting this service, and our client Roger responded with this: “Great idea! You guys once saved my brown bear!” It brought the whole story back to us, and it’s worth sharing here.

Brown Bear 'Before'

Inexperience Shows

Taxidermy is an art form, and inexperience is blatantly obvious. That was the case with Roger’s brown bear. The taxidermist was recommended by an old hunting friend — typical for the indus-try. “We found out abruptly that he had no experience in mounting large bears (or any bears?),” said Roger. “The pose looked like an anteater.” Roger quickly learned that the taxidermist had ordered and used a standard large bear form that clearly didn’t fit properly. Instead of altering the mannikin to fit the bear, he forced the skin onto the mannikin, leading to inferior results. The head was comically incorrect, and the tro-phy as a whole wasn’t just a disappointment. It was a complete disaster. “I had never used Animal Artistry before, but a good friend recommended them. He said I should at least have them come look at it and see if they could do anything,” remembers Roger. Fortu-nately, the skin of his anteater bear was only stapled to the form. It took some coaxing, but the team at Animal Artistry was able to carefully remove the skin. Then, they set to work creating a custom form that was built to accommodate the skin’s precise measurements. “I went to the Animal Artistry shop and observed the professional work being done,” says Roger, and it was immediately clear that his bear was in good hands. The team moved quickly, expertly mounting the skin, creating the habitat, and completing finishing work. “Animal Artistry does a truly custom mount, and it turned out beautiful. Even though it’s close to eighteen years old, it’s still the star of my trophy room.”

Brown Bear 'Before'

A Trusted Taxidermist

The experience meant Roger had a new go-to taxidermist. “The wonderful thing about dealing with Animal Artistry is that you can count on their quality and experience in mounting animals from all over the world,” says Roger. “They have never done a bad mount for me, and that includes over 25 animals. I have used other taxidermists, and some are very good, but when I take a very important trophy — sheep, bongo, lepoard — I always use Animal Artistry.” Thanks for sharing your story, Roger. We were happy to save your brown bear, and it’s wonder-fully gratifying to hear it’s still a star! For anyone else staring in dismay at a terrible mount, learn more about our remounting services today.