There’s a stubborn misconception that the lower the cost of something, the better the deal. It sounds good, maybe, but the concept almost always falls apart as soon as you apply it to the real world. That’s when you discover the truth — usually, you get what you pay for, and the lower the cost, the lower the value of whatever you’re buying. It’s true with food, hotels, jewelry, and, yes, taxidermy. It’s the last one that matters for our purposes, so here’s what to understand about cost and value in the world of taxidermy.

Lion & Vulture

The Cheaper, the Better?

We’re all very cost conscious and rightly so, especially during these unprecedented times. But the idea that you can get something for nothing is incomplete at best. The truth is that the price of something is very often a reflection of its quality — and the cheaper it is, the lower that quality. Take fast food, for example. It’s low cost, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good value. I’d call it a terrible value — it’s poor quality and unhealthy. No matter how little you pay for it, it’s a bad deal. Personally, I’d rather pay double for higher quality food that’s better for me nutritionally and really satisfies me.

It’s the same with taxidermy. There’s always someone who will work cheap, and believe me, once they quote you that dirt-cheap price, they’re going to put as little into the finished mount as possible. The end result is nearly always the same — you don’t pay much, and you get even less value for the money.

I’m often amazed by the number of people who focus solely on the cost and completely overlook the quality of what they’re getting. We see it again and again — people who have lost the value of the hunt. The trophy they end up hanging on the wall or standing in the living room is no reflection of what they invested in the experience. It’s a shame all the way around. Far better to spend a little more upfront for a trophy that will bring you joy for years to come.

When Value Matters

At Animal Artistry, we have a reputation for large-scale pieces and dramatic trophy rooms. But we prioritize work at every level, and we’ve created pieces for all kinds of hunters. We hear again and again that our prices are far more reasonable than people expected. The truth is that we’re very much aware of the importance of keeping things within an appropriate dollar value. At the same time, we’re hyper committed to quality and service. I am totally convinced that when you spend money at Animal Artistry, you get incredibly good value — and our repeat customers seem to think so, too. If you’re looking for a taxidermist who will the story of your hunt to life, we’d love to make it happen. Contact us today.