I think most hunters feel stuck — unable to make plans, unable to go anywhere, and waiting indefinitely for something to break loose. That’s why we're excited to share a solution that works for hunters and their families. Meet Ox Ranch.

Ox Ranch

18,000 Acres of Texas Hill Country Hunting

Ox Ranch is a fair-chase game ranch in Texas measuring nearly 20,000 acres — a scale that’s truly unheard of in game ranching. Most game ranches are between 1,000 and 5,000 acres. Here’s the difference — once you’re on that property, you’re in the wild. And it’s a truly magnificent property, in the hill country of Texas. That means rivers, ponds, rolling hills, and lodgings and accommodations that rival some of the finest resorts in the world. Plus, there are activities for the whole family, including hand-feeding giraffes, 4x4 off roading, kayaking, jet skiing, stargazing, cave exploring, and much more.

We’ve had several of clients hunt on the property and come back with rave reviews. And with all that’s going on in the world, the timing for a trip to Ox Ranch has never been better. It avoids all of the international flight difficulties, firearm permits, and wait-ing indefinitely for your trophies to shipped back to the US.

A Proud Supporter

This is the only game ranch that Animal Artistry has ever supported. I really believe in this ranch. It’s being run by people that I highly respect and provides an exceptional experience as well as quality animals. It can be tailored to a one-day hunt or a three-day hunt or even a week. All of the good stuff is there — including evenings by a campfire with great vistas. If you’re looking for specific animals, here’s a list of just some of what’s available at Ox Ranch:

- Addax Hunting
- Alligator Hunting
- Aoudad Hunting
- Arabian Oryx Hunting
- Axis Deer Hunting
- Blackbuck Hunting
- Barasingha Hunting
- Black Hawaiian Sheep Hunting
- Black Wildebeest Hunting
- Blesbok Hunting
- Blue Sheep Hunting
- Blue Wildebeest Hunting
- Bongo Hunting
- Buffalo Hunting
- Catalina Hunting
- Corsican Sheep Hunting
- Dama Gazelle Hunting
- Dove Hunting
- Duck Hunting
- Dybowski Sika Hunting
- Eland Hunting
- Eld’s Deer Hunting
- Elk Hunting
- Emu Hunting
- European Mouflon Hunting
- Fallow Deer Hunting
- Four Horned Jacob Sheep Hunting
- Gayal Hunting
- Gemsbok Hunting
- Grant’s Gazelle Hunting
- Himalayan Tahr Hunting
- Hog Deer Hunting
- Hog Hunting
- Ibex Hunting
- Impala Hunting
- Javelina Hunting
- Kangaroo Hunting
- Kudu Hunting
- Markhor Hunting
- Mouflon Sheep Hunting
- Muntjac Deer
- Nile Lechwe Hunting
- Nilgai Hunting
- Nyala Hunting
- Ostrich Hunting
- Painted Desert Sheep Hunting
- Pere David’s Deer Hunting
- Red Lechwe Hunting
- Red Sheep Hunting
- Red Stag Hunting
- Rhea Hunting
- Roan Hunting
- Rusa Deer Hunting
- Sable Hunting
- Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunting
- Sika Deer Hunting
- Sitatunga Hunting
- Springbok Hunting
- Texas Dall Sheep Hunting
- Thomson’s Gazelle Hunting
- Transcaspian Urial Hunting
- Turkey Hunting
- Waterbuck Hunting
- Water Buffalo Hunting
- Watusi Hunting
- White Buffalo Hunting
- White Elk Hunting
- Wildebeest Hunting
- Whitetail Deer Hunting
- White Stag Hunting
- Zebra Hunting
- Zebu Hunting

One more thing about Ox Ranch — it’s the only place I know of where you can drive a tank and shoot a .50cal machine gun. Honestly! Take your family, and go enjoy. Tell them Mike sent you!

Ox Ranch
Ox Ranch
Ox Ranch
Ox Ranch
Ox Ranch
Ox Ranch
Ox Ranch