Opportunity in the Midst of the Pandemic

These are unsettling times. Each day brings worrisome news relating to COVID-19, from state-wide shutdowns to economic fears. And yet, in the midst of it, we hear stories of the good — restaurants opening their pantries, neighbors checking in one another, and people embracing the idea of slowing down and remembering what’s important. To me, it’s the perfect time for a hunt.

Sun, Fresh Air & Exercise

We’re told to practice social distancing and to avoid gathering in large crowds. It seems to me that going on a hunt might be a very therapeutic and healthy thing for to do. It’s the ultimate in social distancing, with the added benefits of being outdoors, getting exercise, and absorbing vitamin D from the sun — an important immune booster. And then there’s what the experience does for our psyche — there’s so much to be said for being away from the news and all the negativity, and to truly immerse ourselves in nature.

take a hike

While I highly recommend New Zealand and Australia for their sustainable approach to hunting, I realize international travel is not advised for American hunters at this time. Still, here in the US, there are wonderful spring hunts for bear and turkey. As companies around the world pivot to digital business models in an effort to flatten the curve of the coronavirus, chances are good you can schedule a spring hunt and still maintain appropriate social distance. It’s certainly worth a try!

A Greater Lesson

One thing the coronavirus has taught us is that life is fragile and uncertain. At any moment, it could all be taken away. In light of that, I believe everyone should live in the moment and enjoy everything that is available to us, not worrying about the future or regretting the past but grasping every opportunity to enjoy what is now. I think in the end, we will look back and regret not what we did, but what we didn’t do. For many of us, we won’t have allowed ourselves the freedom to really express and enjoy the things that were important to us. I believe that is a tragic waste of this precious thing called life. Live it now, live it to the fullest, without apologies or regrets. For me, today, that means finding opportunity in the midst of this pandemic. It means a great hunt.