Animal Artistry is known across the globe for exceptional taxidermy, a fact that has its benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, it means we have the opportunity to work on truly amazing projects for clients from all over the world. Our reputation precedes us, and while we’re proud to have earned it, it can be a double-edged sword. The same reputation that leads international sportsmen to us can also give people the impression that a large, internationally recognized taxidermy company is simply over the top for their needs. The truth is that in taxidermy, bigger really is better. Here’s why.

A Shared Expectation

Whether you’re an international hunter ready to build the trophy room of your dreams or a weekend outdoorsman looking to have a single mount created, the expectation is the same — a stunning, trophy of the highest craftsmanship. It’s also reasonable to expect that the taxidermist you choose to create this work of art has the necessary resources, experience, and skill set for the job.

While anyone with visions of a trophy room or an elaborate diorama will correctly decide that a big, established company is necessary for this scope of work, a weekend hunter may not have the same reasoning. Instead, he or she may believe that a sole proprietor is perfectly adequate. That’s likely because the appeal of the sole proprietor, no matter the industry, is the same. We assume that our project will have top priority, that we’ll be able to work closely to create exactly what we want, that we’ll be kept updated, and above all, that we’ll get a better deal. Unfortunately, the reality is that the sole proprietor can quickly get in over his head.

I experienced this personally when I was doing a significant remodel of a home in Montana. I started with a very small company, a contractor who basically worked out of the back of his pickup. After a couple of months, I realized that it was taking him a great deal of time and costing me a lot of money and in truth, very little was getting done. We agreed to part ways and I went to the largest construction company in the airport, a firm that had just completed the local airport facility. They took on our project and finished it much sooner than we expected and actually came in under budget. This large, established company simply had the skill set and resources to do a better job.

The Full-Service Experience

When you opt for a big taxidermy studio, you can reasonably expect it will have the resources, experience, and skill set to create something exceptional, at a fair price, in a reasonable amount of time. And when you choose Animal Artistry, that’s what you get. Our goal with every project is to finish the hunt by creating stunning animal art that beautifully captures the story of the animal and your experience. There is simply no substitute for the combined efforts of a large, skilled staff and a highly structured process. It ensures every project receives a high level of attention and care, with trained team members in separate, specialized divisions doing what they do best. Meanwhile, we’re able to stay in regular communications with our clients and to complete our work in ninety days — the industry’s fastest turnaround time. Every project is a priority, and we have the staff to ensure that we can dedicate the time, care, and attention that every project deserves. That’s true no matter how big or small the project.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your trophy doesn’t need the best. Learn more about our competitive pricing and what you can expect when you partner with Animal Artistry. Contact us today.