Brook Minx is an avid outdoorsmen, and he’s traveled all over the world to hunt. After his first African safari in Zambia, he used a taxidermist in his home state of Texas. A few months later, at a Safari Club International convention, he saw Animal Artistry — and it changed everything. “Their work was in a league by itself,” he says. “It showed emotion, fear, aggression — it just blew me away!”

Trophy Room

Animals in Motion

The concept of animals in motion has underpinned the company’s efforts since the very beginning, and so has the idea that every mount finishes the hunt. Every trophy is intended to tell a story about both the animal and the experience of the hunt, and the intended effect was readily apparent to Mr. Minx. “When I saw their mounts, I was immediately transported back to Africa where I just seen these animals alive in the bush,” he says. “It wasn’t just a dead head on the wall. No one compared to their quality of taxidermy.”

The longer Mr. Minx examined our work at the SCI convention, the more impressed he became. That didn’t change when he became a customer. “They exceed your expectations every time,” he explains. “I just can’t say enough about the AA team — Mike, Stewart, and all the guys that have done work there for me. They are consummate professionals.”

Authenticity in Every Detail

The level of movement and emotion we strive to capture is based on absolute authenticity, down to the smallest detail. It’s another part of the process that sets us apart in the taxidermy field. “They are truly interested in producing the most life-like pieces,” says Mr. Minx. “They want to see pictures in the bush and the trophy shots in the field. They want to capture your idea and they want to improve on your concept to give you the best result. They want to get it right and they want it done perfectly. They’re not in a rush but because they have many people working different tasks in their shop they get the work out fast.”

Trophy Room

That collaboration is important to us. We know that every animal matters very much, and we’re committed to bringing your vision to life in the best, most realistic, most impactful way possible. “Their opinions matter and you should ask them want they think is best and then discuss more from there,” advises Mr. Minx. “The people (non-hunters too) who visit my trophy room often comment that they think they’re in the Smithsonian Museum. They’re blown away by the realism. It’s just that good!”

A Price Point to Match?

The notion that Animal Artistry is far too expensive for the average hunter is a common — and unfortunate — misconception. It’s true that in our forty-year history, we’ve worked on a number of grand projects for wealthy clients, but we’ve done many, many more pieces that are much smaller in scale and price by comparison — though no less important to us.

“As they say in all things, you get what you pay for and nothing could be truer here with Animal Artistry,” says Mr. Minx. “While they might be 10 to 20% more expensive, nothing compares to their quality of work on mounts, habitats, murals, etc.”

Pricing is available right here on our website, and we invite anyone curious to contact us directly for prices specific to your mount. In addition to competitive pricing, we offer a 90-day turnaround on our work and the kind of service that turns customers into friends. Mr. Minx knows this first-hand.

“They value you as a client and as a friend,” he says. “You’re not just a number in the queue. They all from bottom to top want to do the very best for you — and they will.”