At Safari Club International’s recent show here in Reno, Nevada, we had the pleasure of touring the convention. It was an opportunity to visit with past clients, meet new clients, and visit with outfitters from all over the world. As we discussed potential projects and price points, the reaction was very similar – stunned surprise. It confirms what we have long suspected – the biggest misconception about Animal Artistry is that we’re far too expensive for the average hunter.

Deer Mount

Our Reputation Precedes Us

With 30 years of experience and a lengthy list of award-winning work to our name, Animal Artistry has earned its reputation as one of the world’s leading taxidermy studios. Our trophy rooms have graced magazines and books, and our approach to animals in motion truly changed the industry. But a reputation like this is a breeding ground for a common misconception – the idea that Animal Artistry is a huge company that works only with the super wealthy on grand projects.

While it’s true that we’ve worked with countless high-end clients for elaborate trophy rooms, there’s more to the story. Our company has a staff of 35 employees, a mix of artists and administrative staff that ensures a successful business model and makes our 90-day turnaround guarantee possible. Since opening our doors, we’ve been doing work for all kinds of people, from the blue-collar hunter interested in a simple shoulder mount to the girl who just harvested her first deer.

Every project, no matter how simple or grand, is significant to us, and we commit the same vision, talent, and resources to the job. Each mount we complete meets our exceptionally high standards for quality, realism, symmetry, detail, and overall durability. And that’s true for clients big and small.

The Bottom Line

We hear time and time again that our prices are far more reasonable than anticipated. Our price list is right here on our website for easy access and referencing, and yet the idea that work of this quality must cost an arm and a leg persists.

Take it from us – at Animal Artistry, we are very aware of cost. If you have something simple in mind, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and bring that vision to life. Contact us today for prices specific to your idea. Odds are good you’ll be pleasantly surprised.