Today’s taxidermy can be sorted into two categories — classic mounts and custom mounts. For the international sportsman or the weekend hunter, understanding the difference between the two is an important first step to an exceptional trophy. Here’s what sets the custom mounts apart from the classic mounts, and why our version of both options stands apart.

Classic Vs. Custom

The Classic Mount

The classic mount is also known as the commercial mount, and it makes up the majority of trophies created in the industry today. The classic mount begins with a commercial mannikin ordered from a catalog. While some of these forms are well shaped with realistic anatomy, that’s not always the case. Once it’s in the hands of the taxidermist, it becomes the foundation of the mount. The eyes are set, any horns are attached, and the skin is applied and sutured — it’s a fairly straightforward procedure, and it’s completed with varying degrees of craftsmanship from one studio to the next.

The Custom Mount

A smaller segment of the taxidermy market is made up of custom mounts. As with the commercial mount, the custom mount begins with a mannikin. But that’s where the similarities end. For a custom mount, the mannikin is substantially altered, if not completely independently sculptured to accommodate both the size of the skin and the unique, authentic gesture of the animal. The custom mount requires a great deal more time, knowledge, and ability, which is why fewer than 10% of trophies are mounted in this way. They are also more expensive, but the difference in the end mount is significant.

Classic Vs. Custom

The Best of Both Mounts

Here at Animal Artistry, we offer both classic and custom mounts. But from the very beginning, our goal has been to finish the hunt with the most exceptional animal art we can create. All of our pieces begin with the best commercial mannikins, which serve as a starting point. From here, we find ways to customize and improve — tweaking and adjusting to achieve authentic gestures and distinctive effects. Thanks to our structured approach to the process of taxidermy, which includes specialized departments and highly trained artists, this level of customization is included at no extra cost. These trophies are our version of classic mounts.

We’re also proud to create complete custom mounts — animals in motion, sometimes reacting to one another, sometimes bounding or even airborne. These elaborate gestures and poses require an experienced understanding of animal anatomy, as well as specialized engineering to create a durable, fully supported mount. At 20% to 50% more expensive, and in many cases producing an oversized display, these dramatic pieces aren’t always practical or appropriate for every application. However, creating these beautiful trophies, or the complete trophy rooms to which they’re often best suited, is how we’ve built our reputation. It’s an honor to work on custom and classic mounts alike, and no trophy is too big or too small. Distinctive, movement, beauty, and authenticity are hallmarks of our work, and it’s evident in every mount on which we work.

For more information about our classic and custom mounts, view our catalog or contact us today.