Last week we published a post about Ox Ranch, a fair-chase game ranch in Texas measuring nearly 20,000 acres. Although we recognize and respect that to some hunters, a ranch can’t offer “real” hunting, it’s nonetheless an option during these extraordinary times. And, all things considered, it’s a pretty amazing option. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what professional African hunter John Abraham has to say about the Ox Ranch experience after a recent visit.

Ox Ranch

The PH Perspective

"I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely not the typical high fenced Texas game ranch I expected. Huge area, beautiful scenery and best of all the hunting was challenging. Not a zoo like put and take hunt with semi tame animals. Lodging was great and food exceptional. So overall I was impressed and am booking a few more trips there.” — John Abraham. What it boils down to is simple. In these uncertain times, you can either sit around waiting for the world to open up again, or you can use what’s available here at home in the USA and experience something new. It’s certainly true that nothing will replace the feeling and experience of hunting in the wild. But the fact remains that we simply don’t know when that will become an option again. And for now, this is a great compromise.

Be Aware

Should you visit the ranch, they’ll recommend a local taxidermist who earns a commission. However, if you request instead that Animal Artistry be the studio that turns your trophy into something amazing, Ox Ranch will understand. After all, our rates are competitive, our 90-day turnaround is the fastest in the industry, and we’re humbled to say here that our work often speaks for itself.

The Takeaway

Ox Ranch is your chance to get out there and do what you love in a beautiful environment full of a variety of game, with the added benefits of exceptional food and lodging, plus activities for the entire family. That doesn’t sound half bad to us!

Ox Ranch