The Safari Club International convention this year was exceptional on every front. After doing these conventions for 30 years, this was by far the best one yet — and that’s saying something. In addition to browsing the wonderful collection of exhibitors, the team from Animal Artistry had the chance to meet with outfitters from all around the world, many of whom owner Mike Boyce has hunted with and known for many years.

sci floor antelope display
Animal Artistry at The Safari Club International Convention

The Client Perspective

Attendance is always critical to a good show, on both the exhibitor side and, more importantly, the spectator side. We don’t have final attendance numbers, but we were pleased with the traffic through the show and we were particularly thrilled to see a number of our own clients at SCI 2020, many of whom had traveled far and wide to see the mounts and talk about prospective trophy rooms. As event attendees toured our exhibit, it was most encouraging to hear the comments on our quality of work. Many people found it hard to believe we could accomplish this with a three-month guaranteed turnaround — and it was a treat to ensure them that it’s most certainly true.

We heard repeatedly from unhappy hunters who had trophies sitting at a taxidermist for two, three, or even four years. It has always been our goal at Animal Artistry to deliver a beautiful piece of artwork in the timeliest fashion, out of respect to both the hunter and the animal, and our commitment to the 90-day turnaround makes that a reality for our clients.

Building Connections

Mike took the opportunity to leave the booth this year and wander the show. As he toured the many exhibits, he was struck by all of the familiar faces. And the more hands he shook and the more conversations he had, the more he realized how the industry as a whole will only benefit from taking these relationships further. Animal Artistry is committed to helping the world’s best outfitters stand out — we want to share their stories right here on our blog and across our social media accounts. We spoke to a number of outfitters who are anxious for the exposure, and we invite you to contact us directly regarding guest posts if you feel that your business speaks for itself. It’s an honor to connect with businesses who share a similar philosophy, and we welcome the opportunity to learn more about what sets you apart.

Fresh Eyes

While Mike has attended Safari Club conventions for decades, it was a brand new experience for one of his newest staff members. “It was an eye-opening experience coming from the design industry into the hunting and conservation industry,” says Shiloh Reading, graphic production artist. “There are folks who spend their lives engaging with and admiring the natural world. They bring that spirit to SCI, and share it through stories, experience, photos and amazing craftsmanship. Being able to see their passion for animals and wildlife behind and beyond the scope is something I feel everyone should experience.

It was wonderful to be a part of this year’s convention and receive such an immense response from the attendees. It makes us excited to plan for the year ahead — and another great show next year!