The only certainty during these uncertain times is that no one knows quite what we’re dealing with — or for long it will last. When the shelter-in-place orders began taking hold across the country and around the world, Animal Artistry founder Mike Boyce wrote a post about choosing bravery in the face of uncertainty. Now, three months into a new normal and in spite of the negative effects of the pandemic, Animal Artistry is still standing and doing well.

Man in taxidermy garage

No Small Feat

It hasn’t been easy. Overseas shipments have been on hold for more than three months now, and the Alaska bear season was canceled along with an entire safari season in Africa. These are enormous setbacks for Animal Artistry and taxidermists around the country. But in spite of them, clients have come forward with projects. What’s more, they’ve been incredibly supportive and quick to pay. We cannot thank our clients and friends enough for their loyalty — it has truly made all the difference.

Special thanks as well to our vendors, who haven’t missed a beat. Our tannery is still committed to getting skins back to us in thirty days so that we can maintain our 90-day turnaround — the fastest in the industry.

But perhaps one of the most important factors in our ability to stay in the game is our staff. This is a group of people who could have stayed home with enhanced unemployment but instead chose to come to work. They’ve done an amazing job practicing social distancing while producing outstanding work with a terrific attitude. I’m humbled by the team here at Animal Artistry, and I am also humbled and grateful by the support and loyalty of our friends. Thank you so much! We will continue doing what we do and we look forward to a time when the world is right again.

Man in taxidermy garage