Does Animal Artistry work on projects of all sizes?

Absolutely. From huge projects involving hundreds of life-sized animals for museum displays to a teenager’s first deer, we put the same amount of effort into every project. Our motto is there are no small projects — we understand that each animal means the world to its hunter.

Do I need an enormous budget to have a mount created here?

Our pricing is competitive, and we are keenly aware of the blue-collar hunter. Our pricing is often lower than our competitors, especially when it comes to classic mounts.

Who will work on my mount?

Your trophy will go through three different departments, each led by a supervisor with a skilled team. The first step is the preparation of your tanned skin for mounting. The next department is taxidermy, where a master taxidermist and an assistant mounts the skin onto the form. After the skin is dried, it is sent to the finishing department (also know as the beauty department) for final touches — cleaning, grooming, airbrushing, and the artistry that truly bring your trophy to life. If your trophy is life-sized, it will go to a final department that crafts realistic habitats from the trees to the land. Throughout it all, Animal Artistry owner Michael Boyce is in the building every day, overseeing each department to ensure the highest quality.

Do I need to choose a mount from a catalog?

While we do have a catalog available for inspiration and ideas, we are a custom studio capable of creating poses to our customers’ specifications. Customers are welcome to bring in photographs from out in the field or even drawings of their vision.

How long will it take to get my finished piece?

From the time we receive your hides and horns, the tanning process begins immediately. Once the deposit and pose instructions are received, we offer the industry’s fastest turnaround — 90 days to complete the process. Animal Artistry’s multiple departments are staffed with specialists, which makes it possible for projects to begin immediately.

How are finished pieces delivered to customers?

Pick-ups are available, although we often deliver. Animal Artistry has its own trucks that can deliver from coast to coast, right to your front door.

What’s the best way to care for my finished mount?

Under no circumstances should your trophies be displayed in sunlight, even indirectly. They will fade and eventually be destroyed. Ideally, they should be displayed in a space with few or no windows. Artificial lighting is preferred.

Trophies should be cleaned regularly — every six months. Stand back, blow off the dust, and use a pet brush to gently groom the hair back into position. You can use Windex to clean the eyes only. Lemon Pledge can be applied to antlers, but never to horns. With regular maintenance, a mount can last indefinitely.

I’m going on a hunt. What should I do to prepare the animals I harvest for taxidermy?

It’s critical that a hunter understands what’s required to prepare a skin in the field. This is often the responsibility of a guide or an outfitter, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen and great trophies can be lost in the field. To avoid this scenario, we recommend reading our field preparation guide carefully.

Can I visit the Animal Artistry studio?

We would love for you to visit our showroom. We can also set up walk-through tours of the work area to see the process up close.

Do you offer discounts for quantity?

There are no discounts for bulk orders. We are a craft studio that puts the same amount of artistry, effort, and time into each individual project.

Do you offer repairs or restorations on old mounts?

Yes. We are capable of minor restorations as well as full repairs.

Are all of the images on your website examples of your work?

Yes. Everything displayed on our website is an original project that we proudly created and photographed in-house.