In addition to new mounts, Animal Artistry offers a remounting service specifically for old, damaged, or poorly created trophies. Some mounts are simply decades old, while others were a disappointment from the start. Regardless of the cause, the value of the trophy and the story it’s meant to tell have been lost. At Animal Artistry, we love the challenge of restoring both.

Remounting Process

The remounting process begins with a discussion about your trophy so that expectations are clear. Once a pose has been confirmed and a deposit has been paid, our team begins work. Remounting is a delicate process that begins with properly hydrating skins to open the sutures. The skins are carefully removed from the old mannikin to be expertly cleaned and dressed. Meanwhile, a new mannikin is sculpted. The trophy is then re-mounted and sent to the finishing department for final detailing.

The same lions re-mounted by Animal Artistry

A New Mount in 90 Days

Because every step of the re-mounting process is completed in house at Animal Artistry, with no need to wait on the tannery, the timeline for completion is much quicker. All re-mounts meet our guaranteed 90-day turnaround, and the cost is no more than you’d spend on a standard mount.

While not every trophy can be re-mounted, we’ve had the pleasure of restoring countless pieces over the years. We also have an extensive inventory of replacement skins that can be used if an existing skin is simply beyond repair.

If you have a disappointing trophy that does no justice to the story of the hunt, remounting at Animal Artistry could change everything. In addition, we have hundreds of stock skins that can be used to upgrade your old mounts.

Contact us now to learn more about our re-mounting services, including pricing specific to your trophy.