mounted cheetah looking up

Awesome, looks just like when he was looking up the tree. Amazing, thank you.
-Scott R

I started hunting internationally in 2006 and was under the misconception that having the taxidermy work done in the country I hunted would yield better, more life-like likeness and would be less expensive. After having several disappointing trophies delivered, and not being given any significant options, I chose to “dip and pack” and send horns and hides home. When my trophy hides and horns arrived from Cameroon, I really did not know what to expect as I had never interacted with a taxidermy service at this level. I went to the studio to discuss with Stewart how to I might want the mounting done. When he laid out the hides, I thought this is going to look like s**t. He reassured me what I was seeing was usual and customary. I explained what my space requirements were becoming. He took me deeper into the shop and started describing design options and considerations. Eye opening experience for me!

I chose options and designs that would work for me. The cost was no more than what I would have paid for individual mounts in Africa especially when factoring in the shipping and import clearance costs — again a huge learning experience for me.

I got some progress photos as time when on, but when the work was done — far faster than I thought possible — and the final product was delivered to my home and set up, I was blown away! The quality and presentation were amazing.

Out of country, I was given choices A, B, C, or D. When asked for E, I got that — but an F product. Animal Artistry has introduced me to an alphabet that I didn’t know existed until recently. ’Nuff said. Most taxidermy is still life, but what I got from Animal Artistry was integrated with a snippet of environmental reality that brings back active memories every time I view it. It brought different species together that blended my experience.

We all want to save money, control expenses so we can hunt more. I learned the hard way that I did not save any money on overseas taxidermy — but I did sacrifice quality. I have a great appreciation now, that when I give a concept and constraint to Animal Artistry, their creativity will make a super star production.
-S. Thompson

This is the first time I have used your service and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have about 55 mounts and having to choose a new taxidermist was, I thought, not an easy choice. My hunting buddy had started using your service a few years ago and highly recommended you. Of course, I had heard about your business through Safari Club and thought you would be very expensive. Just wanted to say how wrong I was when I did my research. Your pricing is very competitive and your turnaround time is by far the best in the industry, let alone the quality of the mounts — some of the best in the industry. Just wanted to say thank you so much. Again, it’s nice in this day and age to do business with a company that does what it says it’s going to do. Thanks again.
-M. Davis

Many, many thanks to you and Dave for the museum-quality installation. The project, a culmination of the creative art work, the detailed work of the Animal Artistry crew in Reno, and the logistics skill that made it all happen, is truly awesome. Thank you again to everyone. And you even left the place immaculately clean!
-T. French

I had stuff at another taxidermist for over two years, with lies every time I called. I called Mike to ask if he could have it done in a short time. He said he could, and he did — just like he said he would. Since then, I’ve given Animal Artistry everything and I’ve been 100 percent happy with their work, their service, and their word!
-L. Atkinson

Amazing experience. They did an elk shoulder mount for me and it came out beautiful and was completed in 90 days. Stewart, the manager, has amazing service and really goes the extra mile. Will definitely be going back here in the future. Their whole operation is amazing and they also do beautiful bronze statues as well.
-J. Millman

These guys are the real deal, had my Trophy Bull Elk at another taxidermist for almost two years and he had not even started my mount. Talked with Stewart, he had no problem working with me, contacting the other shop to obtain my antlers and cape even though it took several weeks and two trips for them to get them from the other guy. Animal Artistry completed the mount in about five weeks after receiving the cape and antlers. I could not be happier — absolutely beautiful mount. It turned out even better than I expected, and I can be pretty picky when it comes to my mounts. Stewart was very professional, stayed in contact with me all during the process, almost daily with all the crap we had to go through with the other guy.I had it shipped because I live in Vegas and I was a little nervous because I never had a mount shipped before. When it arrived, I was even impressed with the quality of the container that they built for shipping. Animal Artistry is the fifth taxidermist that I have used over the years and if God is so gracious so as to allow me to harvest another trophy, I will use no one else but these guys. I highly recommend them.
-D. Faussett

Phenomenal job! Great customer service with prompt feedback and updates throughout. Mount is amazing!
-B. Bloxham

Animal artistry is nothing short of impressive. Not only with the beautiful mounts they make come to life, but also when it comes to working with you individually and professionally. They simply are the best.
-R. Knight