While Animal Artistry made its name by creating animal art in motion, we’ve further differentiated ourselves with our 90-day completion time — a sharp contrast to the industry’s going turnaround of eight to twelve months. Our system is highly structured and efficient, ensuring the skilled artists in all departments have the time and space they need without sacrificing quality or causing delays.

Our Process

Skins that are shipped or otherwise delivered are inspected immediately so that inventory is properly matched to required documentation. Any issues or concerns with documents or the skins themselves are brought to the client’s immediate attention. Once we’ve properly recorded the inventory, notes are sent to accounting and a deposit invoice is created and sent to the client.

Tanning & Supply Preparation
Skins are sent to the tannery immediately after the receiving process. Our long-standing relationship with the best tanneries means priority service, and skins are returned to Animal Artistry within 30 days. During the tanning process, clients are contacted to discuss and finalize pose requests. We also use this time to assemble supplies, ensuring that we’re ready to begin creating your trophy once the skins return.

Skin & Manikin Preparation
Each piece of art begins with properly preparing the skin — sewing up any holes, thinning nasal and eye membranes, adding ear liners, and completing other steps as needed. The manikin is also carefully sculpted for gesture, detail, size, and accurate anatomy.

Mounting & Drying
Once the skin and manikin are ready, a skilled two-man team works in tandem to seamlessly join both elements. The skin is expertly sewed into place before being pinned and dried.

Airbrush artists in our finishing department add finishing touches for stunning realism. During this phase, our works of art are expertly airbrushed, groomed, and puttied.

Life-size and pedestal mounts are then sent to the habitat department. Our habitat artists create all of the trees, rocks, grass, and other elements for the setting of each piece.

Final Invoice and Shipping
Once the trophy is complete, clients receive a final invoice and shipping or pick-up arrangements are made. Upon final payment, completed works are released.