Company founder Michael Boyce starts Animal Artistry as a one-man operation in his garage, with a vision of creating true works of art that tell the story of living, moving animals in all their grace and dignity.


Mike enters a Safari Club International competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, showcasing two airborne mule deer leaping over a fallen tree. The mount wins the People’s Choice Award, immediately putting Animal Artistry on the map and going on to serve as the centerpiece for the governor’s inaugural ball.


Fumes and a growing workload force the business out of the garage and into a rundown commercial building. The small team of artists navigates the dual struggle of developing this new approach to taxidermy while also managing the business side of a growing company.


The success of a series of large-scale projects, including the flagship Cabela’s store in Nebraska, is evidence that the concept of animals in motion has changed the taxidermy industry forever. The company continues its steady growth to meet demand.


Mike’s artistic vision expands to include bronze sculptures, an offering that’s met with great enthusiasm. He also begins painting, rounding out the concept of taxidermy, sculpting and painting for a fuller, richer depiction of wildlife.


With years of successful projects behind it, Animal Artistry is proud to be considered one of the most respected taxidermy studios in the world. Today’s team of over 40 artists remains dedicated to individually designing, sculpting, and creating animal trophies to exacting standards – a story, every time. And with its 90-day completion time, the company continues to challenge the status quo.

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Client: Tom and McKay Whiting
Trophy Room: Buffalo Hunt

Artistry has long been what separates Animal Artistry from other taxidermists, and it was what drew Tom and McKay Whiting. New to town, the couple stopped on a whim, captivated by the bronze statuary gracing the property. They were not prepared for what they found inside. “It was unlike anything we had ever seen before,” McKay explains. “It was almost more like a museum.”

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Recent Featured Projects


Every trophy we mount is individually designed and sculpted to exacting standards.

This approach to animal art makes every piece we create a true original, designed with care and skill to enhance the animal’s best features. The mount itself is built with an emphasis on symmetry, detail, and overall durability for a stunning ly accurate representation of the animal’s natural habitat. Animal Artistry has never been a production taxidermy studio, beginning each project with a vision and investing both time and creative talent. To do this work any other way is disrespectful to both the animal and the experience of the hunt itself.

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Animal Artistry in Reno


Last week, CNN published an article about the safari industry and the unique hardships it faces in light of the global pandemic. It’s a comprehensive overview that addresses logistics and financial worries, but the part that stood out to me was a comment about poaching. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the truth is that the safari industry is the only hope for big game animals. Without it, these beautiful animals may be another tragic casualty of the coronavirus.
Wyoming Taxidermist
When you’ve been in the industry for 30 years, you make a lot of connections. In our time, we’ve been very fortunate to work with truly exceptional artists who cut their teeth in our studio before launching out on their own. It’s the nature of the business, and we always wish them well. One of these artists is Dawayne Dewey, who has truly become our favorite Wyoming taxidermist.